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In recent years,our company has also focused on absorbing international advanced technologies and new equipment, our quality and management has steadily improved. Automatic feed stamping, to achieve continuous rolling speed up to 20 meters per minute and maintain minimal cumulative error.

All structural parts such as columns, beams, connecting rods, and safety pins are made of high-quality rolls and plates, which are fully automatic cutting, feeding, punching, cold rolling, or bending.Using heavy rolling lines to produce galvanized steel rolls with a thickness of 4.0 and special shelves(without destroying the galvanized layer), and the processing accuracy is completely in accordance with the standards of the storage.

The welding of the beams are finished by robot. According to the different specifications and requirements, the welding is automatically completed by robot, and the weld seam is evenly and fully.



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    Automatic Storage System (AS/RS)
    Radio Shuttle Rack
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    Long span Shelving
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