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Automatic Storage System (ASRS)

Automatic Storage System (ASRS)

The Automatic Storage and Retrieval System (AS/RS system) is a complex arrangement of a building concrete part, a high bay steel racking system with integrated stationary hoist systems, their input and output areas and the storage and retrieval machines running in the racking aisles. It is extensively applied in manufacturing, logistics industries, such as the warehouse of finished goods and purchased material for large manufacturers, flexible automatic system (FAS), large logistics centers and distribution centers, etc.

AS/RS is a stereo automated warehouse system which is a combination of high pallet racks, supported by stackers and other automated transmission systems and operating software.

By using the advanced technology, improve the operational efficiency, reasonably control the inventory, reduce logistics cost and improve enterprise management, thereby enhancing the enterprise economic efficiency.

Automatic Storage and Retrieval System (AS/RS)

1.Optimized sectional design, quality steel
2.Pitch is adjustable by 50mm for uprights, and beams are tightly locked by safety pins
3.Strengthened by quality bolts&nuts, safe and reliable
4.Perfect structure high intensity and good stability
5.Good looking with Epoxy powder-coated surface